10K Shot

Can you be the 1%?

One Million+

There are currently over one million high school boys and girls basketball players in the U.S alone.
Only 1% of these players will move on to play at the next level…
If you’re committed to becoming the best basketball player that you can be, set yourself up for success this offseason by taking on the 10,000 Shot Challenge.

What is the 10k shot challenge?

The challenge is an expertly planned basketball training program to improve your basketball shooting accuracy and overall skills.

We are currently offering a wide range of social distancing options to best suit your needs. For individuals, we offer one-on-one private training with one of our professional trainers. For small groups, we offer private group training at your location. In need of a hoop to practice at? We can offer you training at one of our pre-reserved courts.

There are no shortcuts

Have you ever imagined hearing the roar of the crowd after you knock down the step back three pointer in the final minutes of play to give your team the lead? Well, you have come to the right place. The 10k shot challenge is the mecca of offseason basketball challenges that will test your desire to truly master the most crucial skill in the game of basketball, shooting. 

When you take the 10k shot challenge you are committing yourself to an offseason of improvement and hard work. This isn’t an easy program. The workouts aren’t designed for your comfort or enjoyment. We didn’t craft 100 different workouts so you could do something different every day for the sake of not becoming bored.

Dedication is the key

Our program is designed for serious players of any age looking to challenge themselves mentally and physically to track, log, and MAKE over 10,000 shots in their off-season. 

Anybody can go to the gym, get a few shots up, and call it practice. With the 10k challenge, students will have to work against the clock and take game shots, from game spots, at game speed.

We don’t reward misses, and we never intend to.
Social Distancing Friendly


Professionally trained at your residence

Small Groups

Professionally trained at your location

Open Courts


The program is made up of (big deep breath here) THE FUNDAMENTALS!

Game Shots

Game Spots

Game Speed

If You do this. if you take the challenge…

If you make the shots and put the work in…

You can welcome yourself among the game's elite shooters.

Effort Level

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